☆ bye bye stardust tears ☆

anyway look i found baby pics of stamps

lol i feel like its part of online culture where people use that stuff as terms of endearment but are forgetting they are actual insults

well yeah i call my friends pieces of shit all the time but the difference is they are my friends. if you are coming up to me at a convention or sending a message to me in my inbox chances are we are not friends and it is not appropriate for you to call me names. i guess it gets difficult to differentiate bc sometimes following someone on social platforms breeds familiarity and you tend to think of that person as someone you know but the problem is they don’t know you at all.

tip: if i don’t know you please don’t try to act buddy buddy with me and joke insult me like close friends do bc then i just get bewildered bc who are you and why are you insulting me

this has happened to me online and at conventions from total strangers and it is always awkward. you may think you know me bc you follow me on tumblr twitter ig whatever but i don’t know you. you wouldn’t just go up to a random stranger and call them a piece of shit (at least i hope not), don’t do it to me either. thanks ( ・c_・`)

miss emi, i've been wondering. have you ever played the mass effect series or considered giving it a try? :3 I feel like you might like all the alien races and all the romance routes. (even tho it's also an fps. rip)

i really want to but i actually get violently sick playing FPSes… i tried playing portal and tf2, i pushed myself and played like 45 mins of tf2 with my friends and got so sick i had to lie down and nap to make the nausea and pounding headache go away. life is tough


Emi what time roughly does your store close?? Im waiting for my paycheck to come in before I can order some of them and it shouldn't be too long now (a couple of days max) but Im really worried you'll close before I get the chance :(

I’m closing on May 14! You got a while dw :3

SCREAMS. I’m SO EXCITED YOU’RE READING IT. I also started reading it for the Junji Ito escapee and now I’m burning in BIKE HELL.


emi nincompoop: ok i got to chapter 14
emi nincompoop: gotta go put on my face and then go pick up prints
emi nincompoop: smfh
snoop kaze: only 60 more chapters to go til midosuji
emi nincompoop: starts crying

i’ve gotten so many messages about this person i doooon’t caaaaaaaare does a jig i don’t caaaare my style is not copyrighted my style is inspired by a ton of other artists and i cannot claim it as my own, as far as i can tell that person is not straight up tracing so i dooon’t caaaareeee but i do care about them and want them to know that your style should come from a conglomeration of various artists and not just one extremely flawed person on the internet (me) bc then you are just digging yourself into a deep deep hole by copying all my flaws

i drew this for 4/20 but then my internet died and i went to church and forgot about it so here it is now

i drew this for 4/20 but then my internet died and i went to church and forgot about it so here it is now