endless danny devito lobsterfest
re-opened print store and added sketchbook!!!

i remember one time i was showing nicki’s verse in trey songz’ bottoms up video to some friends and this girl was like “why is she making that face and those noises that’s not even attractive” and that’s when i knew she had to go

hey!! this is that anon from a while ago who hoped character dining wasn't just a ~kiddie thing~. I actually had the most magical time of my life!! it was definitely worth every penny. I met anna and elsa too! Since you asked, I asked anna about hans and she made a wrinkly nosed face before insisting they dont talk about him in arendelle especially around kristoff, but that hes long gone and shes glad she gave him a good punch as a goodbye (she mimicked a punching motion)! have a magical day<33

THIS IS SUCH A LATE REPLY bc I’m just wading through my ask box but oh my gooodddd I’m so glad you had fun and that sounded way too cute ;;;;-;;; …so kristoff doesn’t like Hans huh………….hmmmm

what did you think of Noiz?

why did he have to pee on aoba

"i like you&#8230;ever since middle school i&#8217;ve&#8230;! i know it&#8217;s too late now, but&#8230;please don&#8217;t hate me jun-chan&#8230;"

"i like you…ever since middle school i’ve…! i know it’s too late now, but…please don’t hate me jun-chan…"

Alright Miss Emi I'm sorry to bother you if it's right in front of my face but I cannot for the life of me find your Twitter anywhere and I'd really like to follow you!

it’s in my about! also here https://twitter.com/emilyyyhu

which was your fave dmmd route? and who was your fave?

CLEAR IS MY FAVORITE…. OF EVERYTHING…. _(:3 i actually don’t care for dmmd as a whole bc… i’m not into scifi and the whole story is just.. a little… too out there for me but i really like clear ;__; i will suffer through bad story and weird anatomy for him any day. i love you clear. you are my everything. his re:connect story was so good too i cry. 

(i….i kind of like mink too but don’t tell anyone….i liked his re:c story a lot too…sighs….)

yesterday at school before i left class, this rly cute girl sitting next to me pointed at my binder, which had your small print of clear and said 'is that by barleytea'? ^q^ ah i just felt like sharing..

i hope you two start dating………..

what do you like so much about fukuara? not that i dont ship it, its one of my otps, i was just wondering what made you ship it and why you like it so much?

i really dig potentially one-sided ships… also ships w/extreme loyalty and arakita -> fukutomi fulfills all of those ^q^ arakita is super indebted to fukutomi for turning his life around and giving him a new purpose + goal to work for. this is mildly spoilerish but in IH day three when arakita is near breaking point and is about to drop out he monologues about how much these past three years have meant to him and all he wanted was to hear fukutomi praise him. so. yeah. it’s good