endless danny devito lobsterfest
No togamirealmoney….

i hate togami so much… he doesn’t even deserve to be guro’d………………

If you had to draw dr/sdr2 guro, which 5 characters would be your top 5 guro boys?

kuzuryuu, komaeda, hinata, leon, souda _(´p`」∠)_

hi! i've only recently gotten back into reading manga and i was wondering, since we seem to have similar taste in most things, if you could recommend your favourites or any you enjoyed? the more the merrier. thank you!

my favorite mangas are eyeshield 21, gantz, and black jack. 

other good ones are slam dunk, neuro, muhyo to ryoji, hunter x hunter, assassination classroom, ajin, xxxholic, and shingeki no kyojin..those are more mainstream serial works though. if you’re into horror/gore you can’t go wrong with authors like ito junji, kago shintaro, suehiro maruo, and furuya usamaru. 

emi! a dumb question, sorry.. i have some prints i wanna hang up, but i cant find a good way to do so without damaging the print. im scared to use tape because it could damage the corners when i remove it. how do you hang up your prints?? so sorry to bother you, and thank you!

heyo! i would advise using frames although that’s a lotta work and money. for my prints i actually put them in a portfolio book to flip through instead of on walls. 

thoughts on komaeda? also, do you have any sdr2 ships yet?

i finished the game on friday and i finished island mode + everyone’s free time events yesterday… i am… ambivalent…towards komaeda. i kept thinking he’d get better but i..dk lmao. i liked what he did in ch5 though :^)

i like kuzuryuu/peko, sonia/gundam, and…idk, nanami is too good for hinata lol but i like her sitting on his face. thanks. ibuki/twogami. ibuki/hinata??? everything is het i’m really sorry lmao. 

September 23 is looming near! Your birthday's in 11 days I cannot believe!!! 25 years old... a whole quarter of a century. What do you want for your b-day?

all i want is world peace and a gordon ramsay dakimakura

my senior quote for high school yearbook was a kingdom hearts quote

danger roomba two doodles

stamps was bothering me for like AN HOUR and i didn’t know why bc he usually naps at this time. i finally picked him up and noticed he had litter stuck to his back paw. he normally struggles when i hold him but while i was picking the litter off him he stayed very still and after i was done he jumped off, recollected himself, then went to nap on the cat tree like it was what he had been planning all along. cats.