☆ bye bye stardust tears ☆
hotel dusk, yasss, i’m so glad!! did you ever play the last window (the sequel that was translated but never localized in NA fft)?

yeah!!! i… i had a R4 for my ds so i downloaded that ish lol 

!! did you ever play tales of symphonia? did you like it o:

i have! i borrowed my friend’s disks to play on the gamecube, good times. i heard it got a port to the ps3? why not to the psv. or even 3ds. toa got one. i’m waiting. (kratos/lloyd is my shit don’t look at me)

if you don't mind me asking, which is your favourite console, and what would you say were your favourite games for any console? :3 i assume persona and (maybe) dr rank among them? (ps i hope you're having a great day!)

thank you ;w; and oooooooh man tbh i really really like the psvita, it’s got a good ergonomic design, long battery life, and innovative touchpads/menu screens, it’s just a crying shame there are so little games i wanna play on it…. but yes! psvita i love persona 3 portable, dangan ronpa, and persona 4 golden. probably in that order.

the 3DS isn’t that great a console but there are way more games i want on it than the psv. although that’s probably bc i have the original, smaller 3DS with shittier battery life. i like animal crossing, pokemon x+y, and ace attorney on that system. (where’s fea u scream, and i blithely retort that while i love fea’s characters, i didn’t think it was that great a game storywise to rank amongst my favs)

as for stuff that isn’t handheld, the latest i have is …. a ps2. lol. i like kh2, ff12, and tales of the abyss. 

i assume u don’t want me to list out all my older systems so i won’…t…. but the DS had so many good games so i’m gonna just for it: hotel dusk, ghost trick, ace attorney, tokimemo gs, aaaand ouendan!

have you heard of/seen that disney game that came out on the 3ds a few days ago...? its sssooo cute...

people told me about it but i didn’t know it came out already?!!??!!? aaaaaaaaaaaaa too bad i’m kind of tight on money rn but at least i can finish bd first then… i guess……….. QwQ

Somebody made bloody beaten eren doormats and I instantly thought of you.

blake look

henry/naegi/eren’s eng va is also gonna do komaeda in sdr2! i thought it was neat bc the seiyuu for those two (naeg + kom) are also the same :3

megumi ogata’s komaeda voice absolutely fuels me, i’m in love with her 

You’ve had the Monomi one for so long, it’ll be hard to get used to the new one.

i vow to only have pink girls as my icons to ease the transition, rest easy big boy bertholdt

hello, miss emi!! how do you feel about tiz and henry having the same VA? UwU since tiz is boring and henry is fresh as death prince of plegia and all

i played/am playing both games with japanese voiceovers so i don’t … really……… have an opinion hahaha. that’s interesting tho, his eng VA also did naegi and is doing eren, he’s on a good streak i guess! 

on the other hand tiz’s japanese VA is mitsuki saiga who is rossiu who is my love, so i need her to kiss me

(henry’s japanese VA is akemi okamura who did nami from one piece and i need her to kiss me too)

new icon! to kind of match my twitter one i guess. 


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i (might) be able to take you on a tour. possibly..

that would be amaaazing, can you ask and let me know? i can come down whenever but im going back to cali may 17 so it’d have to be before that 8w8