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sometimes i get emotional when i think about foster cats. i read in a foster plea a description of a cat that i have since forgotten the name of that “she is shy but capable of great love”. capable of great love. that phrase has always stuck with me especially when i foster extremely shy cats.

right now i’m fostering a 7 y/o black and white cat also coincidentally named molly. she is probably the shyest cat i’ve ever fostered next to sunshine. she had been in one of our “cat adoption rooms” in a private pet store for months and they thought she finally deserves to live in a foster home instead of a cramped cage.

it’s been a month since she came to me and she is just recently finally coming out of her shell, sleeping in my room and coming out to eat with stamps and precious (my other foster). she still runs if i approach her too fast or if there’s a sudden loud noise, but she purrs very readily and rubbed herself all over my legs earlier this evening.

and when i think about all she has been through in her seven years of life, probably homelessness, possibly abuse (her tail has two breaks at the tip), living in a cramped, stressed area at the animal control center, and moving to a less cramped and stressed but still caged rescue center… then finally to my home.. and how she is still capable of purring from just me slow blinking at her, of rubbing her face against my hand, of sleeping in a relaxed position in close proximity to me… that she is still capable of great love, and trust………… that makes me feel the feefees.

the same goes for every foster i’ve ever taken. it’s fun to have cute, outgoing fosters who are outgoing right from the start, but there is smth rewarding about coaxing a shy cat from their shell, and letting their true personality shine through, and seeing them happy and relaxed possibly for the first time in their life.

I saw on Twitter that you were thinking of opening commissions and I just thought of the PERFECT commission for you. I'm so tempted to spill it but then it would ruin the surprise later. I think that you're really going to love this one!! I'm so excited that I'm just thrashing around on my bed. My no.1 priority with commissioning you is giving you the most fun work opportunities I can and I'm trying my best to stay with it!! Making you happy makes me feel so blessed. I love you so much!!!!

UOOO! thank you! i have a few things on my plate this weekend to take care of but i think i will open commissions after that~ probably on wednesday! thank you!!! ;w;

finn: emi
finn: i love u!!!!
emi: dont b gay
finn: ):
emi: feed me
finn: okay
Hey just wanted to say that you made me want to wear my glasses. I only wore them during class and whenever I went somewhere it was always a struggle to see menus, signs, etc. I also thought I looked ugly in them but idc anymore. Thank you!!!


re-opened print store and added sketchbook!!!

i remember one time i was showing nicki’s verse in trey songz’ bottoms up video to some friends and this girl was like “why is she making that face and those noises that’s not even attractive” and that’s when i knew she had to go

hey!! this is that anon from a while ago who hoped character dining wasn't just a ~kiddie thing~. I actually had the most magical time of my life!! it was definitely worth every penny. I met anna and elsa too! Since you asked, I asked anna about hans and she made a wrinkly nosed face before insisting they dont talk about him in arendelle especially around kristoff, but that hes long gone and shes glad she gave him a good punch as a goodbye (she mimicked a punching motion)! have a magical day<33

THIS IS SUCH A LATE REPLY bc I’m just wading through my ask box but oh my gooodddd I’m so glad you had fun and that sounded way too cute ;;;;-;;; …so kristoff doesn’t like Hans huh………….hmmmm