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Ahhh sorry for anon but I'm just nervous asking, I was curious if you were attending NYCC!

i will but i won’t be tabling! so it’ll probably be really hard to find me lol….

Are you going to sell your sketchbook online soon? :'D

yeah! i’m leaving for NY in a few days though so i’m gonna print a bunch here (i have a better printer here) and then take orders when i’m back there. unfortunately they probably won’t be ready to ship until after otakon… MAYBE. we’ll see what my workload is like ;w;;;

I was just wondering if you had any plans to livestream in the near-ish future? It's been a while since you last did and I've always really enjoyed your livestreams c:

i want to! i’m kind of in a bad drawing rut rn though orz hopefully i’ll power through it soon….

i got a bunch of sweet asks today and idk if it’s from the same person but it did make my morning ;_; thank you, i kiss

i never knew you liked harry potter!!! i think this might be the first time i heard you speak to my knowledge!! ahhh. do you have any favorite characters? or ships? your preferred house? sorry i'm rambling here

i haven’t read harry potter since the last book came out so i might be a little rusty orz but i’ve read the first four over and over again… my favorite when i was a kid was draco bc i was That Girl. i was sorted into hufflepuff on pottermore but i… i don’t want it… i’m a self loathing puff. i like slytherin. i visited orlando’s universal studio harry potter world like 2-3 years ago and LOVED IT!!! i want to go back soon to see knockturn alley. 

what are your top 5 character deaths? like the way they died or what impact it left on you, for whatever reason! im very curious!!


  • sirius black - i was like 13-14 and i cried for a half hour 
  • dobby - i was 17-18 and i still cried for a half hour and then i cried all the way through snape and lily’s chapter like that whole section is tear stained if you look at my copy
  • leon kuwata - yo that shit fucked me up it was the first time i actually really winced at 2D death. it’s still a little hard to stomach
  • kamina - i couldn’t believe it and i kept on believin’ :(
  • haku and zabuza???? WHAT THE FUCK????

tbh most of the dangan ronpa executions were done BEAUTIFULLY and so amazing and well thought out i wish i could list every single one of them here

why do you hate Kyoani? I honestly think you'd like Free!.

i don’t like kyoani bc they sameface and pander. you literally can’t tell their girls in different shows apart. as for free i don’t like how they’re drawn, that is not even close to how musculature actually works. it’s pretty shallow reasoning but as an artist if i don’t like the art style it’s really hard for me to get into a series

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It’s summer time, and you know what that means!


i did  a bunch of requests on twitter last night~ most were nsfw… hmm.