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Hi Miss Emi! I don't want to be creeper at all but I realized that you go to a lot of the places I go to... I was wondering, how do you feel about people approaching you if they recognize you? I want to say hi, but I want to respect your personal space if it makes you feel uncomfortable!

ou!!! it’s cool! it’s happened to me before! :D dw about it i think it’s neat

hello miss emi i love u please marry me

ok! i want a tiffany engagement ring, pnina tornai gown, and disneyland wedding! chop chop!

miss emi idk if u've already said this somewhere before but what are all of your yowapeda ships? just curious :>

the holy trinity is midosaka - fukuara - imanaru

besides those i can also get behind ishimi, kinara, arasaka, aratou, imamido, midomana, midomanasaka…….


(from Stream) Thanks to those who came! I drew a requested Maribelle u v u//!


(from Stream) Thanks to those who came! I drew a requested Maribelle u v u//!


Horror Stories

A high school student is kidnapped by a killer and has her life on the line. To survive, she tells him the scariest stories she knows; 

starting with Don’t Answer to the Door, a story of eerie things happening in a house with a brother and sister who are waiting for their mother, 

Endless Flight in which a flight attendant and a serial killer is left alone in an airplane up in the air, 

Secret Recipe a cruel 2012 version of a folktale in which two stepsisters fight to marry a rich man, and 

Ambulance on the Death Zone in which the survivors in a city filled with a deadly zombie virus suspect each other of being infected while riding together in an ambulance.

Have you ever seen/read corpse party? I'm actually not sure if the game or manga came first but there is also an anime adaptation. Its a horror game and has a bit of gore in it, though I'm not sure if its enough that you would like it so I was just wondering! I loved the game and it made me think of you!

i’ve played it, as well as watch the ova! i normally scoff at “moe” style horror but the game actually scared me quite a bit @_@ maybe bc i was mostly playing it at night with all the lights off lol. the music is creepy too! but i think i was def the most scared when the ghost boy was chasing me… i ain’t about that life

my favorite is seiko… she deserved so much better… my yuri princess