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ok it’s late and i should go to bed but i’m in a strange mood so i guess i’ll talk about sleep no more even though my experience honestly pales in comparison to a lot of people’s haha. (i’ll try harder next time!)

what it is is basically an immersive, interactive theater experience. it’s a 1920 films noir-esque take on Macbeth set in a hotel, and there is a cast of roughly 15 characters. the show is largely played out by interpretive dance, and there is a lot of really amazing and well choreographed dance-fighting. the audience dons birdlike masks and are told to remain silent throughout the whole experience. the actors are the only ones unmasked and speaking on the rare occasion. you are basically let loose in this “hotel” and allowed to follow whoever you want as well as explore to your heart’s desire, including touching anything on the set/props. 

there are five floors as well as the secret 6th floor. the various sets include the hotel lobby, a bar, speakeasy, forest, graveyard, apothecary, insane asylum, a whole village including a funeral parlor, a sweets shop, a tailor, a taxidermist, and so much more. all of the sets are lavishly decorated and you can spend a whole night there and still have more to see. i was ecstatic upon finding the sweet shop and promptly took a sampling of all their candies 8) 

one of the biggest draws of the show are the one on one experiences which most fans refer to as 1:1s. this is when a performer pulls one member of the audience into a secret, locked room and interact solely with them, sometimes giving them souvenirs and/or sending them on quests. to get one of these elusive rewards you have to basically tail the performer for quite a while and be at the right spot at the right time, or be extremely lucky. 

what i find very romantic about the whole thing is how the audience are like ghosts, tailing the performers throughout the show, and when two or more performers intersect their following comes together as well. the masks definitely help with the sense of anonymity and invisibility.

i also loved the chase of following the performers around, most of the ones i followed were thankfully not very fleetfooted, but during the ballrooom scene, malcolm (i believe) suddenly departed and i decided to give chase on a whim. holy shit that mo bounded up four flights of stairs at once there was another guy in front of me also chasing him and i had to literally use the railings as a grappling hook to propel myself up the stairs so i could keep up. 

it was a lot easier to follow around the minor characters, seeing as macbeth and lady macbeth usually had a huge crowd to the point where it was difficult to a) see anything, b) keep up with them, and c) they don’t offers any 1:1s. 

the parts i enjoyed the most was the love triangle between the tailor, the taxidermist, and agnes. i had the pleasure of following the tailor around for a while, and when he led us to the witches’ rave he did not go in, but stood outside looking in in abject horror and the emotions flitting across his face were indescribable. his actor was amazing, and i had the honor to hold his umbrella during the graveyard scene, but that was the closest i got to a 1:1 with any of the cast haha. 

and ok let’s be real macbeth is a bloody as hell play so ofc there were bloody men in 1920s attire fighting and dancing and rolling around on the set tusslin each other and that 




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