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i went to sleep no more again tonight with amy and yura!!!!!!!!!!! i went in with one thing on my mind— I HAD TO GET THE TAXIDERMIST 1:1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

(if u dont know what sleep no more is pls refer to my prev post about it)

it was hard at first bc he just WASN’T THERE??? for the first cycle i looked around the 4th floor a LOT and followed the boy witch for a while, then the tailor, and kept peeking into the taxidermist shop whenever i could but he was just never there!!! i kept a look out during the scene when the tailor dances with agnes too bc i know he’s supposed to look in through the window but he wasn’t…. there… 

a tad disheartened i wandered a little aimlessly for a while but stumbled into a bunch of new scenes that i hadn’t seen before, incl the shaving scene with malcolm and duncan and the boy witch’s dance with the porter and sexy witch in the phone booths… all really cool! 

then i wandered onto the fourth floor again— picking up some candy from paisley’s sweets on the way— and kind of walked the hall looking into each room. i peeked into the tailor’s shop and thERE WAS THE TAXIDERMIST FUCKING IT UP 8) I WAS SO HAPPY (and he was played by the guy who played the tailor in my last trip!) and giddy and jumped right in, tailing him through his cycle. i have to say i learned a lot from my last trip— when you tail people into rooms, stand by the door because when they leave you are not in their way and you can follow them right out. (unless you think a 1:1 is gonna happen soon then sTAND BY THEM WITHIN EYESHOT) 

since i had followed the taxidermist a lot on my previous trip, i knew most of his cycle and esp when the 1:1 was going to happen. i braced myself and when he was in front of the door to the bathroom, he reached out and seemingly reached to push me out of the way for another person. ‘oh well,’ i thought sighing a bit bUT THEN THE MOTHERFUCKER SHOVES ME IN AND I COULDN’T EVEN PROCESS IT BEFORE HE SHUT THE DOOR AND CLOSED US IN OH MY GOD 

at this point i was freaking the fuck out because YO YO YO THIS IS THE THING I’VE BEEN WANTING THE MOST OUT OF THIS TRIP AND IT’S HAPPENING 

anyway i’m gonna talk about 1:1 but some people might find it spoilery, so i’m putting it under a read more

so he shoved me against a cabinet looking thing, and keep in mind this fucker was like 6’3 or something and mega lanky and silver foxy so i was doki’ing the hell out anD THEN HE REACHED OUT AND SLOWLY TOOK MY MASK OFF I WAS FUCKING 

he opened the door to the partiton, and there was a stool there where he motioned at me to sit down. i did, and he raised a finger as if to say ‘one moment’ and i nodded. the door was closed, and there was the sound of running water in the sink. i sat there for about a minute but felt like way longer because i was like YES YES YES I FINALLY GOT IT I’M SO HAPPY and didn’t even notice the room was gradually getting darker until it was pitch black, and the background music was reaching a crescendo. 

then a lamp flickered on beside me and he was right there, with a small medical tray atop which sat a small syringe, a bottle, and two yellow gumdrops. he took the syringe and withdrew what i later found out was green food coloring from the bottle, then injected it into one of the gumdrops. he motioned at me to take it, and he took the other. while maintaining eye contact (i was freaking out) we both put the gumdrops into our mouths. then he stood me up and turned me around, and clasped his arm around my shoulders and began whispering fervently into my ear and i was so ‘holyshitholyshitholyshit he’s taLKING’ i don’t even remember any of it now but i think it was some lines from a poem

then he shoved me out of the partition and like slAMMED ME against the door to the bathroom, looked at me again, then slid the mask back over my face then shoved me out of the bathroom, startling some people who were gathered around. i barely manage to get my mask back on and regather myself……. then skipped down to the third floor to check out the festivities there.

loud screaming and dying inside 

after that i followed the tailor around hoping to get his 1:1 too, but i think he ran out of time bc the usual moment when it was supposed to happen, he just didn’t do it. (there were also like 7 people in the room so it might have been difficult to single one out like last time when there was just 3 and he just shoved two of us out lol)

amy found me and we followed him around until the end, when he offered her his arm and she got to be escorted to the final banquet scene and out into the manderley at the end, where he took off her mask and kissed her cheek scREEEE i was jealous but also rly happy for her and i got to see it happen anyway so it was like living vicariously thru her lmfao. 

ok we might have to wake up in four hours for dim sum with boae and shauna so i am………. sleep……………. some more

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